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WP Google Fonts allows anyone who uses WordPress to make use the freely available Google Fonts.

The software functions as a WordPress plugin meaning that you can make use of it in just the same way as many of the other third-party resources that the digital publishing platform supports.

The software has been developed by Adrian Hanft who has also produced apps for iPhone users.

The plugin is currently running on version 3.1.4. It has been tested to function with WordPress v2.0.2+, so it should suit nearly all users.

Which Functions Does WP Google Fonts WordPress Plugin Afford?

According to the developer behind WP Google Fonts, the internet giant’s free font directory constitutes, ‘one of the most exciting developments’ in the use of typefaces on the internet for a very long time.

The widespread use of this digital font resource can be found in many different places. But it is not always so easy to implement on WordPress because of the platform’s design.

Accessible Coding

The idea behind developing a plugin for WordPress is that it takes much of the necessary coding required to get these fonts up and running and puts it in the background for users.

The principle of the plugin is simply to make it convenient to take advantage of Google’s free font service.

Those with experience of coding may find that this plugin is not necessary.

WP Google Fonts: A Plugin For Everyday Users

For many, anything that makes the use of Google fonts on a WordPress site easier will be a blessing.

Unlike some other WordPress plugins that are designed for customised and Google fonts, this one does not just add the necessary Google code.

It offers a bit more than that…

In short, it will also give users the chance to assign the Google fonts to specific CSS elements if wanted.

This means that any CSS elements of your website can be assigned directly from within your administration area.

In other words, it means you can target the fonts you wish to utilise from within your chosen theme.

Growing Selection Of Fonts

According to the developer, the selection of fonts available from Google is growing.

This will be matched to accommodate new fonts as they are added.

The idea is to make sure that any extra fonts you view at Google Fonts will soon become available within the plugin so it will act as a single resource for all of your requirements.

Bear in mind that the front end design for this plugin is very simply laid out.

This should make it easy for all users to operate the WP Google Fonts plugin.

For example, each font can be selected via a handy drop-down menu. Then you can select which elements will be able to use it. For example body text, headlines, sub-heads and block quotes.

The aforementioned CSS functionality comes next.

However, if you are not sure how this works or worried that you might make a wrong setting, then you can completely forgo this part of the software.

How To Install The WP Google Fonts Plugin

There are two ways to install this plugin.

Users can get to it from the ‘Add New’ tab which is located beneath the plugins section of WordPress admin.

As an alternative, you can upload the plugin folder to your server – either way appears to work perfectly well.

In terms of support, the developer can be contacted directly.

However, a good number of the most common issues can be searched for within the software’s support forum. Answers to questions about bugs and compatibility issues with other plugins are to be found there.

Advantages Of This Plugin

– No coding experience is required to be able to use Google Fonts on your site.

– Ideal for beginners to WordPress who want to run everything as simply as possible

– Regular updates mean that the latest typefaces available with Google Fonts soon become possible to publish using the plugin.

– The developer has put together a very comprehensive change-log for all the various versions of this plugin which can be useful.

– It is possible to subscribe to the software’s latest developments and alterations with an RSS news feed service.

Disadvantages Of WP Google Fonts Plugin

– Some users report that the plugin does not always work. That said, this only applies to a minority of people who have downloaded it.

– The plugin generates income for the developer by showing adverts.

These will appear in your WordPress admin area so you should seek an alternative plugin if this is something you will dislike.

– Although many users report the support offered to be effective, some specific HTML configuration issues appear to have gone unresolved.

– The clever use of CSS elements will appeal to some users but this does not mean that you have to know what you are doing with them because they can be ignored.

– Only English is supported by this plugin.

WP Google Fonts In Summary

This custom fonts WordPress plugin has well over 100,000 active users so it has been well received by many people since it was first launched.

The vast majority of people who make use of WP Google Fonts report that it does exactly what they want insofar as it allows them to use Google Fonts on their site in an easy and reliable manner.

Where problems occur, they tend to be based on conflicts between this plugin and others that the WordPress user may also be operating simultaneously.

That said, the software will mean you see adverts on your WordPress admin page which some users will tolerate for an open source software solution while others will find it unbearably annoying.

Do you want to consider WP Google Fonts alternatives? We recommend having a look at our Fontsy WordPress Plugin.