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Use Any Font is a popular custom font WordPress plugin. It allows users to alter one or more of the fonts on their website to fully customised versions.

Like other freemium WordPress plugin downloads, it is free to use initially.

If you require any more than one customised font and you will need to pay.

Helpfully, the plugin works well with all of the main browsers. Your chosen font can be read no matter which browser is being used.

Deciding If Use Any Font Is Useful For You

There are numerous advantages to using this WordPress plugin for customisable fonts.

Three of the most common custom font formats are supported by Use Any Font – ttf, otf and woff.

What’s more, your chosen fonts are converted by the plugin automatically.

It’s Quick To Load

One of the key differentiators between Use Any Font and other customisable font plugins is that it does not make use of embedded services.

These tend to give you a limited number of fonts to select from.

With this approach, your font should always be displayed rapidly whenever someone is browsing your site.

This is because the plugin is not reliant on a third party server’s uptime to get the font looking good on screen.

The font files are simply converted for you initially and then they are stored with the rest of your content.

Consequently, the faster load time on offer means that your published web page is likely to rank higher than another one with a similarly customised font but which takes an age to load up.

Easy To Use And Set Up

So long as the font you wish to use has the right file format, it is relatively easy to start using the software.

Very little technical expertise is required of either WordPress or using plugins for that matter.

For example, you don’t need to have any experience with cascade style sheets (CSS) to be able to make use of the plugin.

All of the technical stuff goes on in the background for you.

Use Any Font Works Seamlessly With WordPress Themes

Another handy thing for some users is that the plugin allows you to upload new fonts directly from WordPress’ theme options panel.

This means that you can use it in conjunction with some of the main theme providers, such as Theme Planet.

There are many more that are also supported.

In fact, the number is well over 500 or so.

The WordPress Plugin Requires Little Technical Knowledge

Some people are put off using customisable fonts on their WordPress pages because of the conversion process that is usually required.

However, with this WordPress plugin, you don’t need to do it yourself.

All that is required is for you to upload your chosen font. Then, so long as the software supports most of the font format you’ve chosen, the plugin will do the rest for you automatically.

This is a big plus point for anyone who has tried to use custom fonts in the past with other systems and failed to get them working correctly.

Extensive Support Is Available

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the software is extensively supported by its developers.

Users can visit a forum where many of the in-depth questions about the plugin have been answered.

That said, for the common issues that arise from any plugin, it is best to head to the developer’s virtual support platform.

This will deal with nearly all of the set-up issues new users face.

There Is A Cost Involved If You Want More Than One Font

Despite the fact that the plugin will work well with custom font files that are up to 25MB in size, this limitation will not work for all users.

Multiple fonts are supported using the software but this is limited to one unless you are willing to shell out.

Of course, this is how many freemium custom font WordPress plugin developers operate. It of course can niggle a little that the free option with the plugin is quite so penny pinching.

Maybe two would have been a fair compromise for most web publishers?

The Support Might Not Be Enough For You

Although the aforementioned support is extremely good with this plugin, there are two issues to take into consideration:

Firstly, the software’s developers will only offer you personalised support in the rarest of circumstances.

The plugin’s supposed ‘Rectify My Fault’ page no longer functions and looks set to be retired for some time.

Secondly, although the forum support covers a lot of ground, it is really hard to find the specific information you might need because there is so much content there.

Reliability Issues Have Been Reported

Finally, there appear to be some reliability issues that have been reported.

In fairness to the software, those users who have complained that it does not work at all have also been the ones who have complained most vociferously about the availability of only one free customised font!

It may be that the reliability of the plugin is better than some people have exaggerated, therefore.

However, some users using certain browsers do encounter problems.

Summing Up The Custom Font WordPress Plugin

Overall, Use Any Font has more users who rate it highly than those who don’t. This is a good sign for any plugin, especially those designed for WordPress.

The slowness of operation and the difficulty with getting the plugin to work at all that some report is vastly outweighed by those who have no issues and rate it with five stars.

Users who want to see if it will work out for them should try the software’s API.

This will allow them to upload a font to the developer’s server.

Once the necessary coding has been done, the temporary file will be deleted.

At this point, it is fair to say that you will know whether the plugin has worked properly on your site.

Check out your custom font in a few browsers and if you like what you see, then you can always proceed with more custom fonts in due course.

For those who want to consider Use Any Font alternatives, have a look at the Fontsy WordPress Plugin.