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StyleGuide is one of the highest-rated plugins for managing the fonts and colours on your WordPress site.

Did you know, a third of small business owners don’t have a website? Partly because they lack the resources to hire their own developers.

Web coding is complicated enough to intimidate even the savviest of entrepreneurs, but WordPress has swooped to the rescue, offering a simple way to create an online presence.

The development tool is only a beginning, though.

You’ll need a strong set of plugins to improve user-friendliness and make your design process intuitive.

One of the core parts of your site is its palette and fonts.

StyleGuide is one of the highest-rated plugins for this purpose.

What StyleGuide Does

In short, this WordPress plugin helps you to customize fonts and palettes across pages.

Unlike its many rivals, it supports a range of character sets, including Greek, Vietnamese, and Cyrillic.

It can be used with 17 WordPress themes and packs punch through 45 different fonts.

Add Extra Fonts

If its compatibility limits you, you can also add theme support and a collection of extra fonts.

The plugin plays well with all WordPress themes.

There are currently thousands of fonts that can set the tone of your web pages, but to use them all, you’ll need to access third-party resources.

StyleGuide’s WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor easily imports aesthetics from various sources.

How it Works

This font plugin taps into your WordPress customizer so that you can add fonts via an intuitive editor.

It doesn’t require you to edit your fonts individually, instead altering typography by headers or body text.

This way, you can create the aesthetic of your site in just a few clicks without touching an ounce of code.

Simple Toolbar

The toolbar mimics that of a standard WordPress theme, adding only two new options to your customizer.

You’ll be able to create a default colour scheme for everything from your sidebars to your background hues from a single window.

It gives developers extra superpowers through the “add_theme_support” command.

Add Theme Updates

This way, you can add package information and updates to your themes.

Your primary colour options are accessible in your dashboard under the Appearance tab.

You’ll click into your “Customizer” panel under the “Pages” option.

This will open up the “Colours and Fonts” panel editor.

From here, you can access the RGB colour panel, which you can select from using the basic colour blocks beneath or the more nuanced selector.

Once you have your hue, use the slider on the right to adjust its darkness and lightness.

Edit Your Fonts

This is where your background, link, and key colour selections are accessed, so you can test palettes to your heart’s content.

Your fonts are also arranged from your “Pages” option.

All you need to do to edit your fonts is click into your “Colours and Fonts” editor and choose your font from the dropdown menu.

Each option is presented in its font style, so you’ll have a visual resource to guide your process.

Choose from your body and header font options, using the colour scheme selector to assign your thematic palette.

Pros and Cons

Many themes add their own options panel, forcing you to work with two clumsy interfaces.

This one simplifies the process by inserting itself into WordPress’ existing functionality.

This means you don’t need to use child themes to stylize your fonts, but that’s as much a benefit as it is a disadvantage.

A Plugin For Technophobes

If you can’t code, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this plugin, but if you’re an adept web developer, the extra steps it adds to your design process will only eat into your time.

In other words, this is a plugin intended for technophobes, not designers.

With the background colour and textual elements arranged in the same panel, it’s easy to create an aesthetic that pops.

Preview Option

It also offers a preview option, so you can see your adjustments as you work.

This custom fonts WordPress plugin is one of the simplest offerings on the web.

It’s unlikely to erode your site’s functionality and is precise enough to give you all the shades and hues you’d find in a professional image editor.

Adding google web fonts manually requires you to insert code from your usage instruction box, via CSS or JavaScript.

All three options include several steps per font, so they’re time-consuming and complicated.

Easy To Work With

This WordPress plugin is far easier to work with, but it does have limitations.

StyleGuide Limitations

If you tend to switch users often, it doesn’t let you edit across multiple user accounts, but it’s compatible with WordPress Multisite, so you will be able to find your way around the problem.

The plugin won’t let your readers resize their own fonts or offer mobile-first adjustments.

While it can’t help you to assess page performance, it’s simplicity should make that degree of control unnecessary.

StyleGuide Plugin Support

Once you’ve installed this WordPress plugin, you’ll be able to add extra theme support through the add_theme_support command.

The plugin has also created a filter for increasing your font support.

If you run into any unique problems, StyleGuide’s creator takes an active role in supporting his creation and often adjusts the functionality according to users’ suggestions.

While child theme support hasn’t been formally-tested, those without specific CSS rules should be compatible.

If you run into problems, you can try copying your settings into your theme.

StyleGuide In Summary

The custom fonts WordPress plugin has been supported for over five years, so most of its nips and tucks have already been performed.

This gives you a well-developed option that’s unlikely to be riddled with glitches.

If you’re a light user with minimal coding experience, the plugin’s simplicity will make your WordPress site as easy to edit as a Word document.

Its colour swatches are as versatile as those of Photoshop, and it offers a respectable list of font options.

Perhaps its greatest asset is its adaptability.

StyleGuide will give you a one-of-a-kind aesthetic that stands out from those of your rivals.

There are few easier ways to achieve a unique style as a WordPress beginner.

Looking for StyleGuide alternatives? We recommend having a look at our Fontsy WordPress Plugin.