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Designed by Seed Themes, this custom fonts WordPress plugin allows users to make use of a range of free fonts.

The software functions with WordPress websites that are using version 4.0 of the platform or higher.

It is an open source software system that has been primarily – although not exclusively – developed to allow WordPress sites to publish Thai scripts.

The WordPress plugin is currently in version 2.1.1 and its developers are continually adding improvements to it to make it one of the leading Thai-English font management systems.

What Functionality Does Seed Fonts Offer WordPress Users?

As mentioned, this plugin means that you can convert your current fonts to Thai scripts with ease.

There are a number of Thai-English fonts that are bundled within the software.

However, if all the functionality you need for your WordPress site is to make use of Google Fonts, then this plugin can handle them for you.

Popular Google Fonts that work well include PT Serif, Ubuntu, Robo Slab, Libre Franklin and Merriweather.

You can also opt for the handwritten style of fonts Google offers, such as Pacifico, Shadows Into Light, Sacramento and Dancing Script, to name but a few.

Assessing Seed Fonts’ Functionality

As the plugin offers both the specialism of Thai scripts and a wide range of Google Fonts, you might be forgiven for thinking that it already offers all of the functionality you could want from a custom fonts WordPress plugin.

However, it will also allow you to utilise your own web fonts, if wanted.

Ordinary web publishers can upload their chosen font to WordPress via its font upload portal.

There is another one in WordPress that caters for theme editors.

Using Your Own Font

To use your own font, ensure that it is in the right format for the plugin to be able to accept it.

OTF, TTF or WOFF files will work well.

If your font is in another format, then you will need to use a third-party font conversion program before it will work but this is not a difficult task to perform.

Alternatively, the plugin’s developers have produced a repository of already uploaded fonts compatible with Seed Themes.

These are easily found at GitHub, the US-based software development platform.

Downloading The Plugin Files

To download the plugin files into your WordPress site, all you need to do is search for the plugin within WordPress’ own directory.

The actual location of Seed Fonts is ‘wp-content/plugins/seed-fonts’ within the directory in case you cannot find it.

Most users will access the software via the WordPress plugins screen directly, however.

Once you have downloaded the plugin, it is simple to activate via the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.

Navigating The Plugin

Once activated, you simply need to navigate yourself to ‘Appearance’ from your WordPress editor and then select the font you want to use via ‘Fonts’.

Thai users of the plugin can operate it in just the same way with ‘รูปแบบเว็บ’ and then ‘ฟอนต์’.

Users who want to create their own web fonts and use them with the plugin will find the process reasonably simple, too.

Although Seed Themes recommend using Font Squirrel’s Webfont Generator, other third-party options will also usually work fine.

Simply create the necessary font.css that include all of the @font-face elements you will need.

Then put this code – that is, the ‘Font Name:’ and the ‘Weights:’ at the top of your css file.

Next, place all of the files into the same folder and give it a name.

Saving Your Fonts

You can subsequently upload the folder’s contents to the WordPress theme folder. At a later time, if you wish to make use of additional fonts, then you are able to add more folders.

Helpfully, the plugin will generate your collection of different fonts for you and hold them together at the plugin’s page.

Seed Themes recommend trying out the entire process with an example font to get the hang of it.

The developers suggest Boon Home or Lao font from FontUni but the fact is that you can probably make a start with the font or fonts you actually intend using.


– Many users find it easier to use than other Thai language plugins.

– Reliable with Thai and Google Fonts on multiple browsers.

– Ideal for anyone who is already using a Seed Themes theme to publish their WordPress website.

– A well-organised plugin that is more than adequately supported. In fact, most users find it easy enough to use with their site and don’t need to access technical assistance at all.

– A very useful tool for e-commerce sites that have customers in South-East Asia as well as in the English-speaking world.

– The useful IBM Plex Thai font was added to the plugin as of its October 2019 update.


– Some of the Thai language used means that it is not necessarily the most intuitive software for non-Thai speakers.

– With Seed Fonts, only US English and Thai languages are fully supported.

– Uploading your own fonts takes a little technical expertise so this part of the plugin is not recommended for newcomers.

Summing Up The Seed Fonts WordPress Plugin

This WordPress plugin is a useful addition to any WordPress site where custom fonts are desirable.

Although it has been designed specifically to cater to the needs of web publishers and bloggers who use a combination of Western and Thai scripts, it can be helpful for anyone who posts on a WordPress site.

The addition of new fonts, such as Anakotmai which was added in 2019, demonstrated that the developers were constantly seeking to improve their software.

In fact, when version 2.0 of the software was launched, the abandonment of bundled Google Fonts vastly improved the plugin.

Now any Google Font you want to use is supported by it.

This fact alone is likely to mean that the plugin appeals to more and more general users.

However, it still remains a specialist custom font plugin in many people’s eyes due to its emphasis on Thai scripts.

Do you want to consider Seed Google Fonts alternatives? We recommend having a look at our Fontsy WordPress Plugin.