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OMGF is a WordPress plugin that simply stands for Optimize My Google Fonts.

As its name suggests – is designed to function primarily with Google Fonts.

It used to go by the name CAOS for Webfonts but has since been rebranded.

OMGF has been downloaded by WordPress publishers like you over 10,000 times with users rating it highly.

You will need to be running WordPress version 4.6, or higher, to take advantage of this font plugin.

Determining Whether OMGF Is Right For You

Read on to find out more about the software and how it interacts with WordPress. We also explore the pros and cons of making it your preferred font optimisation tool.

How Does OMGF Work With WordPress?

The whole concept of OMGF is that it works with the pre-existing set of Google Fonts. It optimises them within your chosen WordPress theme in order to enhance and improve it.

As such, downloading the WordPress plugin should mean that your site will see a reduction in all of its page loading times.

To put it simply, the plugin does this by leveraging the browser’s cache, thereby helping to minimise DNS requests.

As a result, the software should help to ensure your site is able to maintain perfect scores on sites which record loading times. Specifically, on sites such as ‘Pagespeed Insights’ or ‘Pingdom’.

Assessing Capabilities

The developers claim that OMGF achieves all of this without negative impacting on the performance of your server.

As such, it is a potentially extremely useful tool for web publishers who use WordPress themes that involve the use of any Google Fonts.

Clever Functions

The developers behind this custom font WordPress plugin have aimed to make the performance and the user-friendliness of the software its primary attributes.

OMGF uses an automatic detection system to work out which Google Fonts your site is published with.

If that has not worked, then the plugin will search for additional fonts in any combination of subsets and download them for you to a style sheet.

This is automatically generated and appended to your site’s header by making clever use of the ‘wp_head()-function’ that WordPress has already made available to you.

Helpfully, the plugin utilises the Google Fonts Helper API in an automated fashion, as well.


Once you create the style sheet, it should be completely compatible with any CSS and JS optimisation plugins you’re using.

Users with such plugins, like Autoptimize or W3 Total Cache, report that this functionality is very reliable.

What’s more, the plugin is also able to remove any requests for external Google Fonts.

For example, those loaded from places like or

Multi-site Use

The developers have also come up with an optimisation system for certain multi-site environments.

This means that the plugin will alter the caching path WordPress uses when necessary.

This is ideal if you are using third-party security plugins on your site.

Common ones like WordFence and WP Super Cache benefit from this part of the plugin’s functionality.

Key Software Component

Another key feature worth pointing out about this software is that it allows users to control font performance in an effective manner.

It does this by adding the font-display property.

Okay, this is something that only expert users of WordPress are likely to want access to. But it is a function that marks this particular plugin out from many others that deal with Google Font management.

Advantages Of This Custom Font WordPress Plugin

The plugin hosts your files locally

Do you want faster upload speeds? Then this is the plugin to use.

Hosting fonts locally also means that you are more fully in charge of the contents of your site.

Additionally, the plugin allows you to compare and contrast font performances.

OMGF is regularly updated

If you knew it in its previous iteration – CAOS for Webfonts – you’ll be delighted at the improvements that have since been made.

The plugin’s forum is full of useful advice

This will help most technically capable users to configure the software correctly, allowing them to enjoy faster loading speeds.

Activation of the plugin is simple

OMGF operates via the usual ‘Plugins’ screen that most WordPress users will already be familiar with.

Drawbacks Of Using The Google Fonts Optimisation Plugin

OMGF only has access to open source fonts

Although this may sound obvious, it means that the plugin won’t function in the way you expect if you happen to have fonts which are not in this format.

This plugin requires a reasonable level of expertise

It is probably not the right tool for absolute novices. That said, there is a good support forum developers will configure it for you on your site for a fee.

Some users report that their chosen fonts don’t download the first time

This is often down to a browser cache problem or the use of a third-party plugin’s cache and usually a resolvable issue, however.

It’s not compatible with other popular plugins

The software is not compatible with the popular WordPress Multilingual Plugin.

Misconfiguration may cause your site to slow down

If you haven’t configured the plugin correctly, it may slow your site’s loading times rather than speed them up.

Is Optimize My Google Fonts (OMGF) Right For You?

OMGF requires you to have some level of expertise with WordPress plugins.

It is not so technical that you won’t be able to get it working unless you have very specific issues relating to your site.

Most users who have downloaded rate it with five stars and say that it beats other Google Fonts optimisation plugins hands down.

Simply following the installation steps carefully will work for you.

Are you feeling out of your depth with the plugin? We’ve outlined that the support is high-quality, so you can pay for the configuration to be done for you.

Do you want to consider OMGF alternatives? Then look at the Fontsy WordPress Plugin.