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Google Fonts Typography is a popular WordPress Plugin that allows users to publish their website with any of the 900 or so unique Google Fonts they want.

Unlike similar custom font plugins for WordPress, you can use as many Google Fonts as you like.

With Google Fonts Typography you can make use of as many fonts as you like.

Perhaps using one font for headings, another for sub-headings and yet another for your content and image captions.

Will Google Fonts Typography Be Any Good For Me?

The program supports a live preview so you can play with the various Google Fonts the plugin supports before publishing with them.

This is something that people who are not professional graphic designers will find particularly useful.

What Does This Custom Font WordPress Plugin Do?

Are you are running WordPress in version 4.0 or higher?

This handy plugin will operate reliably, allowing you to make use of the hundreds of Googe typefaces.

Standard fonts, such as Roboto, Open Sans and Titillium Web, all work very well with the plugin.

If you want to mix and match them with some funkier styles that resemble handwriting, for example, then you can also do so.

Accommodates Numerous Fonts

The Google Fonts WordPress plugin will also support fonts like Liu Jian Mao Cao, Indie Flower and Yellowtail.

This functionality means that the plugin is ideal for people who manage multiple WordPress sites and make use of different styles for each of them.

Even if you have a site which would suit unique graphical styles for each of its pages, then the plugin will be beneficial.

Suitable For A Variety Of Users

Since it will offer you a preview of what your layout will look like before you publish with it, the plugin is ideal for bloggers as well as e-commerce operators using WordPress.

Once users have found a combination of fonts they like, all they have to do is to hit save. The changes seen on the preview pane will become publicly visible.

Supports Multilingual Sites

This custom font WordPress plugin supports 14 different languages.

This is helpful if you have multilingual sites to manage.

However, the fact that it will support standard translation tools is even better.

In short, most people who visit your site will be able to have your content translated into their local language for them without facing any issues because of the sort of font you happen to have chosen.

In addition, this plugin is compatible with both SSL and HTTPS formats.

The design of Google Fonts Typography means that users can host the fonts they are using locally.

The primary reason for so doing is to improve the load times web browsers will experience when they visit your site.

Font management plugins which use third-party servers to handle all the data associated with loading fonts tend to run slower.

Aims To Optimise Load Speeds

Your site will still usually load at a good rate even if you are using multiple Google Fonts.

This means that your SERPs rankings are unaffected and can improve due to faster load speeds.

In addition, all Google fonts are SEO-friendly. The fonts are easily read by the bots that read the contents of sites.

It’s Highly Compatible With WordPress Themes

Do you use the standard themes available with the content management system? You’ll be pleased to know that the plugin offers a high level of compatibility with themes.

Assessment Process For Performance Consistency

Not only is the plugin compatible with popular themes, Google Fonts Typography performs consistently due to thorough testing.

All of the Olympus themes have gone through this process as have StudioPress and Genesis themes. ThemeGrill, Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Sixteen and ThemeIsle are all compatible, as well.

In fact, the team behind this plugin state that they think 99 per cent of themes will work without any issues at all.

For those that experience teething troubles, they run a ticketing system for raising issues.

Overall, most users rate the support they have received over compatibility and other problems very highly.

Benefits Of Google Fonts Typography

– A handy preview system that takes some of the guesswork out of font management when using WordPress.

– A big array of fonts to choose from none of which seem to cause any problems for most users.

– Regular plugin updates are available which you can download and install with a click.

– Fully tested with PHP7.

– Just one single request is needed to start publishing with your chosen fonts.

– No coding is required for Google Fonts Typography. This is something that non-technical WordPress publishers will find particularly advantageous.

– You can adjust the font size, weight, colour and line-height by using this plugin. Simply head to the plugin’s ‘Typography Settings’ to alter them to your preference.

– Text alignment functionality is supported by the plugin. You can keep the right-hand side and central alignments if you’ve designed your site like that.

– The translation compatibility is very helpful.

Disadvantages Of The Google Fonts Typography WordPress Plugin

– Not all of the functionality of this custom font WordPress plugin is available with the free version. You will have to upgrade to the Pro version to enjoy them all.

– Some users find that their headlines don’t always read correctly with their chosen font due to them overriding the sidebar headings.

– Some third-party plugins which load Google Fonts may cause errors when this plugin is also operating. You can disable that, but it may take a while to sort out.

Will Google Fonts Typography Suit You?

This plugin is extremely useful for most website publishers who want to give their site a distinctive look with Google Fonts.

However, you will have to use the Pro version if you want to tweak your fonts for specific typography settings, something that may put some users off.

Overall, the plugin provides plenty of functionality and reliability for most people who download it.

For those who want to consider an Google Fonts Typography alternatives, have a look at the Fontsy WordPress Plugin.