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WordPress is primed for users who lack coding knowledge, but it can achieve little on its own. That’s where Google Fonts For WordPress plugin can help.

Think of WordPress as your web design toolbox.

Useful as it is, it needs to be crammed with tools if it’s to function at its peak.

That’s where plugins enter the picture.

They offer pre-packaged features that make web design easy to achieve even if you don’t know a single line of code.

Did you know that Google has racked up almost a thousand unique fonts, and not every WordPress plugin supports them.

Google Fonts For WordPress Features

Google Fonts For WordPress has a respectable 877 different fonts, along with an impressive range of additional features.

Whether you need search engine optimization, SSL compatibility or translation-ready fonts, this custom fonts WordPress plugin offers them.

Google Fonts For WordPress Was Built By Fonts Plugin

Google Fonts For WordPress was built by Fonts Plugin—one of the top-rated fonts plugins for

It plugs into your existing WordPress functionality, allowing you to select your fonts from a dropdown menu.

It separates your typography into first through fourth headings, all of which can be previewed through your usual customizer window.

Google Fonts For WordPress Is Compatible With Most WordPress Themes

The plugin is both SSL and HTTPS compatible, so if you need an extra layer of security, you’ve met your match.

It functions well with all WordPress themes.

You won’t need to untangle your own code or limit your choice of themes.

Fonts can slow down your site speeds, so it offers selective font loading that will have your page up in seconds.

Hosted Locally

Its fonts are hosted locally, which will add an extra injection of speed.

It gives you instant access to any new font without requiring you to update your software.

The size of its developer brings its own benefits.

It’s continuously updated and optimized, taking care of glitches and bugs without requiring you to engage with a support team.

Suitable For Beginners And Experts

Google Fonts For WordPress has been structured for beginners and experts alike.

You can happily use it without CSS, but if you have the extra knowledge, you can gain absolute control over your font displays by writing your own code.

The result is a slick, user-friendly font selector with a strong support base.

If you struggle to manage it, simply contact the Google Fonts support team.

Premium Tool Available

It has a premium tool called Google Fonts Pro for paying users and a free one for beginners.

If you’ll only be monetizing your site at a later date, this is the most scalable way to manage your aesthetic.

You’ll be able to shift to a more functional option without performing a full redesign.

How It Works

Google Fonts For WordPress slots into Basic Settings Window.

It allows you to set H1 through H4 headings through an organised hierarchy.

This is a crawlable structure that will help you to gain Google rank and increase your traffic through an SEO-sculpted website.

Google Fonts For WordPress is more efficient than simple Fonts.

Designed To Accelerate Page Loading Times

Google launched its collection to speed up page loading times and increase the variety of fonts available to its users.

Google Fonts For WordPress will thus free you from data-heavy style features without requiring much optimisation knowledge.

Without a custom fonts WordPress plugin, you’ll need to embed your font in your HTML and manage complex CSS stylesheets.

With the Google Fonts For WordPress plugin, you merely need to access your “customise” window under the “appearance” section.

You’ll find your fonts under a new tab right here, so you’ll be able to adjust all of your design features from one easy place.

Fonts Arranged By Classification

With nearly a thousand font families, providing an intuitive design is a challenge–one that the plugin has overcome by arranging fonts by typeface and other classifications.

Your current sources will remain configured throughout updates, and none of your theme alterations will be lost.

If you prefer to organise your own interface, you’re able to create custom theme-specific controls in your administrators’ area without touching any code.

You can test out any typeface through the preview button.

There’s no need to apply any changes or refresh your page before you view them.

MO and PO files ensure that your plugin is translation-ready, while font sizes and colours can be chosen via CSS if you find it easier to use.

Security Features

Fonts can cause security problems for your site, so The Fonts Typography plugin is SSL and HTTPS-compatible.

If you switch to SSL or HTTPS at a later date, the upgrade should be easy to achieve without broken padlock issues and other glitches.

Many site owners find they lose their fonts due to loading failures when upgrading to HTTPS.

This WordPress plugin will allow you to make the change without a hitch.

If you’re using a PHP sandbox, it’s also been tested for your use.

Benefits Of Google Fonts For WordPress

Google Fonts For WordPress is still updated regularly and works with WordPress versions 4.0 and later.

It’s offered in 15 languages.

One of its greatest assets is its open source structure.

Any user can add features and translations, and many take requests, so if you need support for an unsupported language, you can request it.

Independent developers can upload translations into the WordPress translation hub, which is easy to download from.

New fonts are generally added quickly, and the plugin has a large base of active users who are happy to provide advice to struggling users.

Fonts have a powerful effect on the design of your site.

They’re among the fastest-loading stylistic elements you can access, and Google’s typography will keep your loading times where they need to be.

Summing Up Our Review Of Google Fonts For WordPress

This plugin gives you easy access to one of the best typography sources on the internet today.

You’ll gain access to almost a thousand font families, and if you have a creative flair, you’ll also be able to create and upload your own designs.

Google only accepts the finest fonts, so you needn’t wade through sloppy or spam-ridden directories.

This plugin is one of the most forgiving ways to handle Google’s huge database, regardless of your coding knowledge.

A beautiful, SEO-friendly website is just a click away.

Do you want to consider Google Fonts For WordPress alternatives? Have a look at our Fontsy WordPress Plugin.