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An open source software package developed by Brad Dalton, Fonts allows people who publish their website with WordPress to use a range of different typefaces with their site’s pages.

The plugin has progressed to version 2.3 and is ideal for people publishing in US English although it certainly works reliably with most languages that use Western scripts.

It has been tested to work well with altering the style and size of your chosen typefaces up to and including version 5.2.5 of WordPress.

What Can You Do With The Fonts WordPress Plugin?

Fonts has been downloaded over 20,000 times, with the vast majority of them remaining active users.

This plugin is one of many you might choose to organise your typefaces.

Because of its great simplicity, bloggers and small e-commerce operators will find it to be an incredibly handy plugin to use.

Simple Design For Ease Of Use

After all, it has been designed to operate just like the common word processing software packages most computer users are familiar with, such as Microsoft Word or Apache OpenOffice Writer, to name but two.

Essentially, when you download this custom fonts WordPress plugin, you will see an additional two buttons become available within the WordPress editing screen.

One of these is a button for font styles and the other one deals with font sizes.

Let’s deal with each in turn.

To begin with, you can click on the font button which will open up a drop-down menu.

Fonts Style Button

This will allow you to select your preferred typeface from the list that is available – just like a conventional word processor.

By default, users will see commonly chosen typefaces, such as Courier New, Georgia, Helvetica, Impact, Symbol, Tahoma and Times New Roman, to name but a few.

Crucially, you can also add to this list with any custom font that takes your fancy.

Pay For Custom Fonts

The plugin will also allow you to make use of your chosen Google font.

However, when it comes to custom typefaces as well as those available from Google, you will have to pay for a premium upgrade.

In other words, the standard typefaces that many sites make use of are compatible with the freeware version of Fonts.

However, if you want something that is a little bit different, then you will need to pay for the privilege.

Different upgrade paths are allowed for within the software depending on whether you want to make use of Google or customised typefaces.

Popular Google typefaces, such as Source Sans Pro, Playfair Display and Work Sans all function reliably with the WordPress Plugin.

Less formal scripts – such as Pacifico, Indie Flower and Architects Daughter – are also known to work fine with this software.

You can usually trust it to support both formal business sites as well as more personalised ones without too many worries.

Font Size Button

The second button that is added to your WordPress editor once you have successfully downloaded the plugin is called ‘Font Size’.

In this, you obtain a new drop-down menu for altering the size of any text you have selected within your editor screen.

Again, the layout of this feature is entirely conventional.

You will see the smallest font sizes at the top of the menu and the largest at the bottom.

Number one is an eight point font, while two is a ten point font and so on, progressively

Open Access For Experts

The developer behind this plugin has made plenty of it available to users.

For example, those with technical expertise can browse the code or even check out the SVN repository.

The developer also keeps a publicly available development log which you can subscribe to, if wanted, via RSS.

That said, the vast majority of users will want to make use of it simply on the basis that it provides a reliable way of managing their standard typefaces. It can also function with custom ones should the need arise down the line.

Pros Of The Custom Fonts WordPress Plugin

– It loads quickly and remains stable.

– The simple design means that there is very little to go wrong or for users to become confused by.

– The Fonts WordPress plugin has a good user forum which adequately demonstrates how to fix many common issues.

– Searching the forum can save lots time and effort than trying to resolve something yourself.

– One of the easiest typeface plugins you could download for WordPress publishing.

– The vast majority of reviewers of this software report that they found it easy to use and that it operated in just the way that the developer claimed.

Cons Of The WordPress Plugin

– Multilingual support is not offered with this plugin. However, the developer suggests contacting him directly for specific language requests.

– The simplicity of the design has caused some users to consider that this plugin is basic.

Advanced users may wish to look elsewhere if they want customised options for their specific requirements.

– The upgrade paths offered by the developer for Google and custom typefaces are more costly than other options. This means there is a pay off to consider between reliability and ease of use against outlay.

– Some users report that the free nature of this plugin is misleading. Only conventional typefaces are available when you first download it.

Fonts WordPress Plugin In Conclusion

If you’re a WordPress user who wants to enhance your site simply, then this software will probably hit the mark.

It takes moments to download and get up and running.

If you don’t get on with the freeware version, then simply uninstall it.

Accustomed to operating the Fonts plugin? You can now progress to the higher level versions. Safe in the knowledge it won’t be a waste of money if and when you choose to upgrade.

If you’re looking for Fonts WordPress Plugin alternatives, we recommend the Fontsy WordPress Plugin.