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In this guide, we look at some of the more popular custom font WordPress plugins for bloggers, site owners and designers to utilise.

11 WordPress Plugins That Allow You To Add Custom Fonts

In the early days of the web, typography was a secondary issue. The user’s browser determined which font was used, often defaulting to Times New Roman.

With CSS in the mid-nineties, web designers were able to specify suitable fonts for their designs, though these were still limited to a small set of web-safe fonts.

However, in more recent years, custom web fonts have become popular, allowing the browser to download fonts as required to meet the designer’s specifications.

1. Use Any Font WordPress Plugin

Use Any Font Custom Font WordPress Plugin Review

This plugin allows you to use any custom font on your WordPress site.

Unlike some plugins, Use Any Font does not store your fonts on a remote server or limit the list of available fonts to a predefined range.

Any custom font may be used, provided it is in one of the accepted formats (TTF, OTF, WOFF).

Because your site itself stores the font resources, you are also not dependent on an additional third-party server’s uptime.

The plugin is easily installed without technical CSS knowledge. However, some awareness of font file formats is useful.

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2. OMGF Custom Font WordPress Plugins

OMGF Custom Font WordPress Plugin Review

OMGF is one of the custom font WordPress plugins that works specifically with Google Fonts.

The limitation is not severe, however, since Google fonts are high quality and very wide-ranging.

OMGF is optimised for performance and convenience, using the Google Fonts Helper API to automatically download the fonts and generate stylesheets.

Thereafter it removes external font loading from Google’s servers, which optimises browser cache use and helps decrease page load times.

Novice users may find its more advanced configuration and hosting concepts slightly confusing. Therefore some knowledge of web-hosting systems will be useful.

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3. Google Fonts Typography WordPress Plugin

Google Fonts Typography Custom Font WordPress Plugin Review

This is another plugin oriented towards Google Fonts. It has been tested with a number of popular WordPress themes and claims to work with all available.

Installation requires no technical configuration and this plugin features a live preview feature, allowing users to try out and compare different fonts on a site preview before committing.

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4. Font Awesome WordPress Plugin

Font Awesome Custom Font WordPress Plugin Review

The Font Awesome WordPress plugin has recently had a complete rewrite, giving it greater currency and compatibility.

It is primarily aimed at bringing custom icons to your site.

These may be selected from Font Awesome’s Free or Pro range, and come as either SVG or Web Font formats.

The plugin is easy to install.

To use, you will need to add shortcodes, so some experience with code will be useful. But this does not require extensive expertise.

For users of the older version of the plugin, it includes a troubleshooting feature for resolving compatibility issues.

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5. Custom Fonts WordPress Plugin

Custom Fonts WordPress Plugin Review

This is a versatile WordPress plugin that allows you to embed any standard-format custom font files on your site.

Its main benefit is the range of formats supported: WOFF2, WOFF, TTF, SVG, EOT and OTF

Custom Fonts is among the most adaptable of the plugins and easily installed.

It supports a small number of existing themes.

However, it does require more configuration and management work than some of the plugins listed here if you wish to use custom fonts with other themes.

In this case, you will need to write your own CSS rules.

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6. Easy Google Fonts WordPress Plugin

Easy Google Fonts WordPress Plugin Review

Like several of the plugins here, Easy Google Fonts leverages the wide range and compatibility of Google Fonts.

It benefits from easy installation and configuration.

This plugin adds significant functionality for management of typographical styles for standard text elements without needing recourse to CSS coding.

For those looking to customize further, Easy Google Fonts provides a custom element definition for more fine-grained style updates.

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7. Seed Fonts WordPress Plugin

Seed Fonts Custom Font WordPress Plugin Review

Seed Fonts is a simple WordPress plugin, whose main speciality is Thai fonts.

It supports Google Fonts and its own package of bundled Thai-English fonts.

However, it is also of use beyond Thai language typography, since you can upload and use your own custom fonts.

But these will need to be self-sourced.

The plugin is easily installed with basic configuration options.

More advanced config will require custom CSS coding and some knowledge of web resource management.

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8. Fonts WordPress Plugin

Fonts Custom Font WordPress Plugin Review

The Fonts plugin is a basic plugin that adds additional font style options to the WordPress editor.

Following the simple installation procedure, Fonts adds two drop-down menus to the content editor, expanding the range of font sizes and styles.

You may add and use a selection from Google Fonts or other custom fonts.

However, this requires a premium upgrade. The plugin is fast and stable, though less fully featured than some of the custom fonts plugins available.

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9. WP Google Fonts

WP Google Fonts WordPress Plugin Review

WP Google Fonts taps into the Google Fonts free font directory and is among the most popular custom font plugins for WordPress.

It allows you to customize font styles for specific HTML element selectors without needing to dive into the CSS code.

It is therefore helpful for basic users needing the simple inclusion of Google Fonts into their WordPress site.

For more advanced users, it also allows you to write custom CSS for more fine-grained control of individual elements or custom classes.

However, it does sustain itself financially by adding ads to the admin pages, which some users may find irritating.

There have also been some complaints about HTML validation errors, which some standards-oriented users might be concerned about.

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10. Styleguide Custom Font WordPress Plugin

Styleguide WordPress Plugin Review

Styleguide offers font and colour extensions to WordPress themes using the WordPress Customizer.

It also offers live previews for those who prefer hands-on development without having to learn CSS.

Styleguide supports all the default WordPress themes and promises to extend this in future.

For coding-free usage, Styleguide supports its own selection of 45 Google fonts.

However, advanced users have the option of adding support for additional custom fonts, as well as extending to their own themes.

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11. Fontsy Custom Font WordPress Plugins

Fontsy Custom Font WordPress Plugin Review

Fontsy is the all in one web font management plugin for WordPress, allowing you to import your own web fonts, or choose from our free web font library.

The Fontsy WordPress plugin comes with a wide range of pre-packaged fonts as well as offering the opportunity to manage your own.

You can accentuate your titles in WordPress by using extra glyphs built into our library of webfonts such as Reybro, Bologna, and Monstera.

Get instant access to the largest, most comprehensive selection of fonts available for any WordPress site, therefore putting you in complete control of how your site looks and feels.

Fontsy helps you create a beautiful and unique site that stands out from the crowd!

Download Fontsy here.

11 WordPress Plugins That Allow You To Add Custom Fonts

Typography is an important design aspect for any modern WordPress site to master.

The apparently small detail of a carefully chosen font can make the difference between a site that stands out and one that is just ordinary.

The range of custom fonts WordPress plugins presented here brings font customisation options to designers and site owners of all levels.

For those with no CSS or HTML coding skills, several of the plugins offer live previews and easy to understand configuration controls.

For users with more advanced skills or more fine-grained requirements, several of these plugins will allow direct manipulation of the code.